Air Duct Cleaning Portola Valley

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

The residents of Portola Valley, California can get relief from their worries about finding the best air duct service provider who will provide the diverse range of services

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

People who live in the small communities of California, like Portola Valley, view and enjoy the benefits of nature on a daily basis and they are more sensitive on matters related to its protection.

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Attic Cleaning and Insulation

Attic Cleaning and Insulation

With our attic and crawl space cleaning and decontamination services – no house will be left unhealthy or unclean! Click here to find out more.

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We are a top provider of cleaning services for air ducts in California. Whether it is dealing with a dirty air ducts or replacing a broken HVAC filter unit, we guarantee that our trained and knowledgeable specialists will get the job done.

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Team of experts who use their vast knowledge of air ducts to repair, maintain, and clean them for various clients.

Your indoor air quality directly affects the health of your family. Your air quality is determined by the amount of particulates in your air. We provide air quality testing and duct inspection to determine how often your ducts should be cleaned. We use UV cleansers to ensure your air ducts are sanitized properly.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Portola Valley

Fully comprehensive industrial duct system cleaning service

Most professionals suggest that you have your air ducts cleaned at least once every two years. The frequency of your air duct cleaning is related to the area in which your home resides. Proximity to commercial and industrial zones creates more dust and particulates that enter your home. This is in addition to the natural sources of dust and dander in your home. The seal of your home protects your from incursion of dust and particulates into your home.

The insulating layer of your home creates its seal. We inspect your seal for damaged insulation panels, draughts and leaks. We can replace or repair damaged insulation panels. Draughts and leaks in your seal often occur around windows and doors. We use professional equipment to track down draughts and leaks in your seal. Simply adding more insulation and fixing leaks in your seal could save you hundreds of dollars a year on your heating and cooling bills.

Some older homes were constructed with asbestos insulation. Asbestos was used as a fireproofing agent in ceilings, walls and around pipes. Since the widespread use of asbestos, it has been linked to health problems in humans when airborne. When asbestos in inhaled it irritates and damages lung tissue. A professional team must perform asbestos abatement. Do not try to remove any asbestos from your home. Disturbing existing asbestos may actually contaminate your indoor air.

Your seal should contain a good vapor barrier. Your vapor barrier protects your home from water vapor that my collect and condense. Collected water creates a breeding ground for molds and mildews. Allergens are produced by molds and mildews that affect sensitive people. Certain molds and mildews create toxins that are odorless and are harmful to people. Clean up any moisture buildup, sanitize or replace any surfaces that have come into contact with mildew or mold. We inspect your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit to ensure water is properly voided from the home, or into a proper drainage system.

We offer professional cleaning services for residential and commercial dryer vents and exhaust systems. Dryer vents and exhaust systems accumulate sediments of lint, often due to broken lint traps. The accumulation and obstructions of lint compromise the efficiency of your dryer, taking longer to dry your clothes. This costs you both time and money. Lint accumulation may become a fire hazard if left for too long. Rodents and vermin are attracted to dryer lint buildup, as they use it for nesting material. Have your air vent cleaning service completed regularly to keep dryers working at their peak efficiency.

Air purification systems and ionizers are a great way to keep your indoor air clean. These systems require periodic inspection and cleaning to ensure proper airflow. Filters must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis to stop your equipment from over working. Ask us about information on ElectroStatic filters.

Have your air ducts cleaned and your HVAC unit maintained by Air Duct Cleaning Portola Valley. We are your partners in continued high quality indoor air for your home.


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